About Us

If you’re running a Cost-Benefit Analysis about whether to have your wheel repaired, you’re not alone! At Premier Alloy Wheel Repair, our average customer does plenty of second-guessing before making a decision and of course (for the DIYers), there’s always a trove of great videos and information online. Then again, a proven track record like Premier Alloy Wheel Repair is sure to yield the highest return on your investment.

A bent wheel can lead to premature tire wear, alignment issues, loss of performance, loss of air pressure, and most importantly, makes it dangerous to drive your vehicle. Of course, wheel repair is as much about protecting your investment as it is about safety. To that end, Premier Alloy Wheel Repair specializes in:

  • Curb Rash Repair
  • Scratch Repair
  • Bent Wheel Repair
  • Cracked Wheel Repair
  • Tires Sales
  • Rims Sales
  • Lift Kits Sales

The overall total is factored in by our shop’s overhead costs and location, which is how we remain so affordable and mobile, as we’re capable of fixing your wheel on-site.