Rim Repair

Premier Alloy’s technicians utilize a specific set of criteria to determine if a rim and wheel are safe to repair. Rim repair increases durability and provides scratch, peel, abrasion, and corrosion resistance. We repair alloy rims and wheels. Premier Alloy’s qualified automotive rim repair specialists are a trusted name throughout the Baton Rouge area. Allow us to show you why!

Wheel Repair

For any bent or scratched wheel, Premier Alloy put the damaged area through a visual safety inspection by our estimators to determine if repair or replacement is the best option for you. Bends that can usually be repaired include bends causing loss of air pressure, non-structural lateral bends, and radial bends.

Make no mistake: when you people refer to cosmetic damage, it isn’t a large leap to structural damage. Take curb rash, for example, and some of the dangers posed by curb rash damage, including:

  • Wheels with enough damage can break apart (probably not your idea of a joy ride)
  • Damage to the sidewall of the tire can suddenly cause a blowout
  • Untreated curb rash can damage to your vehicle’s suspension
  • Pressure against the curb can throw your car out of alignment

A bent wheel can lead to premature tire wear, alignment issues, loss of performance, loss of air pressure, and most importantly, makes it dangerous to drive your vehicle. Of course, wheel repair is as much about protecting your investment as it is about safety.